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It’s the @menshealthmag version of the thin blue line. #kettlecrazed #instafit #workout (at Rodale Energy Center)

Only loving kindness and right mindfulness can free us.
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Hey Roses, you’re back. And with you, some small Spring joy.

This Google Doodle celebrating the late Saul Bass is awesome. It’s funny that Google’s most creative acts as a media company is the shingle it hangs on its signature location, its search page.

Excited about Patty Griffin’s new album, American Kid. She’s one of my faves.

Passed this old building while running at Norristown Farm Park. at Norristown Farm Park – View on Path.


I’ve been listening to John Meecham’s book on the country’s third president and you can’t help but be drawn to the modern comparisons.

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Lincoln was ungodly long and not a whole hell of a lot happened through the middle portion, but, gosh, Daniel Day-Lewis sure was good and, honestly, who besides a Stephen Spielberg makes a movie about passing a Constitutional amendment anyways. Put DD-L in the best actor mix for his portrait of the 16th president, which he nailed—right down to Abe’s shambling gait. And don’t forget Sally Field, who gave a great performance as Mary Todd Lincoln.

The movie certainly appeared to want to speak to us about our bitterly divided government, but I guess I found it cartoonish. And the Democrat congressman who joined the cause of emancipation, by and large, were moved by pretty base reasons. Maybe that’s how it was, but it certainly felt like a grubby path to a noble goal. And perhaps that’s the lesson here.

Gonna try to post a music recommendation each day through Christmas. This needs to be played loud!

Late afternoon walk @ Valley Forge. #nofilter with Virginia – View on Path.

The water was up to the roofline of the garage here in Highlands, NJ. with Virginia – View on Path.

I’d like Matt Gordon to play this at my funeral. (I know, weird.)

(Editor’s note: I was assigned by my church group an unusual assignment: to write my own obituary. I know, most people would write something a bit more sober. Here it is. All of Virginia’s quotes come straight from her. Honestly.)

Kevin Donahue, who lived a life of love, compassion, humor, and integrity, died early this morning at his home in Eagleville, Pa. He was 47.

“I made him a chicken quesadilla last night, we opened a $7 bottle of wine, and afterward I left him alone for a bit and he watched an episode from the second season of ‘24’. He told me that was the best year for it,” said his wife of 20 years, Virginia Kirk. “Our former neighbor, Sandy, stopped by to pick up an item we had borrowed and when Kevin asked how she was, she said he didn’t care and instead was being ‘sincere in the moment,’ like he was with a neighbor who was widowed years ago. He shook his head and agreed. He was a hard guy to fluster.

“Then we went to bed and made loud, passionate love until about 1:30. I hope the kids didn’t hear. That would be, I don’t know, haunting. He must have gone sometime before dawn.”

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Colleagues David Jack and Jeff Csatari, at the video shoot for the Belly Off Workouts book and weight-loss program. Dave and Jeff are a blast to work with, and in addition to our top-notch video team, it makes for a good day at work.