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Ben Affleck can be pretty unbearable, but he can also dial up a decent movie. And Argo is just that—interesting, taut, and fun, as you know walking in to the theater that it all ends up alright. Honestly, though, he should never play a guy named Tony Mendez again. Affleck’s about as ethnic as Pat’s Steaks.

That said, I enjoyed it, and I never thought I’d like to be reminded of the Iranian hostage crisis for even 10 seconds, never mind 2 hours.

I caught Prometheus last night with one of my teen sons and his friend and enjoyed it. Ridley Scott makes beautiful movies, and he probably has 2 of the top 5 sci-fi movies ever (Blade Runner, Alien).

But it was a little clunky, mostly because it bolted together two kinds of movies—an action/horror movie and a Big-Question-meaning-of-life movie (and all in an economical 124 minutes—thank you, Mr. Scott). That said, this kind of dual-purpose film-making splits the focus and the impact of either part of it. At least for me.

It got me thinking about other examples of movie two-fers.

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